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2 Takay ki Soch: Use of Currency Notes to Educate Public

I came across this video ( titled “2 Takay Ki Soch” by Junaid Akram. I was expecting it to be a critique on Pakistani society towards different stereotypes but in the video, he actually analyzed images represented on currency notes of different countries and in particular, Bangladesh, whose currency unit is “Taka”. The video shows how pictures represented on these currency notes were used to influence the common public. For Example, the 1 Taka coin has a father, a mother, and two kids on it. This was aimed to teach Bangladeshi public that only 2 children are good. This campaign aimed to moderate the population rate of Bangladesh and it actually worked. Similarly, 2 taka coin had a boy student and a girl student made on it. The main purpose was to raise awareness about educating women. Both of these campaigns had positive effect on Bangladesh, the country has better literacy rate for both genders and more subtle population growth rate then Pakistan.

So, having said that can we say that to educate Pakistan’s public subconsciously about different aspects of society, the government should also utilize the opportunity of print media in currency notes? What is your opinion? What is stopping the Pakistan Government to use print media like this?

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