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Im sure most of you are aware of what AI is. It is fairly self-explanatory. AI or artificial intelligence is the intelligence displayed by man-made machines. Over the decades. AI has been a popular subgenre of science fiction movies. The idea of man-made machines designed to think for themselves, one day surpassing their creators has been an inspiration for many popular films such as ‘I, Robot’. AI is represented in these movies as a Robot, but the robot is not the AI. AI is the programming and the huge number of coding done inside it.

The question arises, are these movies on to something? Can AI truly achieve the terrifying form that these movies portray? Maybe. We just don’t know yet how this technology will evolve. We do know one thing for sure. AI can do some things better than any human. The greatest chess and go (a board game) players in the world cannot defeat an AI and it doesn’t just end there. AI can also compose decent music and write newspaper articles among other things.

The scary part about AI is that it can learn from historical data. We can create a simple mathematical model of the human brain and feed it some information and the AI will make sense of this information by learning from past mistakes. This results in a sort of natural evolution of the AI which cannot be manually programmed. Some believe that, if not controlled, this evolution could lead to AI one day surpassing human intelligence. Even the thought of this is scary. How do we even control something that’s more intelligent than us humans? Consider this. We as humans don’t care much about ants’ existence, but if an ant is ever in our way then we don’t see a problem in eliminating them. This could one day be true for AI if it calculates humans to be a hindrance.

Until then, let us enjoy all the good things that AI brings us!

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