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A Quest For Education

One of the problems I have with an emphasis that organizations such as UNHCR put on educating refugees is that it creates this impression that these people who have survived conflict zones need to somehow prove that they'll be useful. Or that they need to earn the right to be integrated into society.

This video isn't exactly saying this, in fact, it's a beautiful short clip that sheds light on how education is perceived by refugees. However, it made me think of conversations that I've had in other classes about the how dangerous the neoliberal education system can be. It promotes individualism and creates character like the "girl boss" and you end up hearing stories of how one child was able to create a better lives for themselves through education provided by the host countries.

But there's never any conversation on how the "girl boss" can be exploitive or that just because one refugee was able to netter their lives doesn't mean it's always going to be a possibility. There is a lack of discussion on why people need to flee their homes, the conditions that create hurdles for refugees to actually receive an education. How sometimes the host countries treat their refugee populations poorly. Access to education as a refugee is a problem that needs to be discussed but instead of just looking at the refugee and asking why they were unable to do anything with their education, ask what the macro conditions were that prevented them from moving forward.

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