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A Satisfactory Social Presence

Social anxiety is a growing problem nowadays. The best way to explain social anxiety is as a phobia of humans. Its consequences are fear of interacting with people, having trouble talking, and making conversations. It gets worse in social gatherings and meeting new people. There can be many reasons for social anxiety, including childhood trauma, unknown personality type, genetics, misleading social circle, peer pressure, etc.

One of the main reasons for social anxiety is unknown personality type. There exist three types of personalities in people: introverted, extroverted, and ambiverts. If one is unsure about their personality type, they cannot realize what place they feel good. One must

have their own preferences rather than depending on the people surrounding them for what they want and if they're going to sit in a social gathering or not.

For example, if surrounded by other introverted people, naturally, extroverted people would feel more of an introvert than themselves. Even if meeting people would make them feel good, they would prefer their friends and avoid that company because of peer pressure. Therefore, for a good social presence, one must know their satisfaction level to be worked on.


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