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A Suitable Boy : Not-So-Suitable Show

If you've been avoiding studying by watching everything on Netflix like me, you've probably seen this show! And while I didn't bat an eye at the kissing scene between Kabir and Lata, a Hindu and Muslim, it caused huge blacklash in Indian politics and #BoycottNetflix started trending in India. A famous Indian journalist even tweeted this :

Let this serve as a reminder of the oh-so-tolerant audience that Indian and Pakistani produced Netflix series have! (note the sarcasm)

On a serious note, are you as dissapointed and annoyed by this as I am?

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Completely agree with how absolutely stupid a ban would be and in regards to what @22020050 said, I didn’t think about it like that and that’s so true, culture just can’t be ruined because one “value” wasn’t met

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I don't really understand the idea behind "Banning" an entire media platform; it's counterproductive and serves no benefit to the ones in support of the ban. Netflix is such a huge platform, even if the indian consumers were to ban it, it will still have a market and won't take an effect of such an action. I truly think that the idea of straight up banning something without a critical and meaningful conversation causes more harm than good.

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my first reaction was amusement because,,, lol. but yes, how sad is it that people can't see beyond their notions of fahashi. ban Netflix because an interreligious couple is kissing, because haan india pakistan mai toh people don't kiss each other.

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Being disappointed is the first reaction, now I would like to question as to how do we let people claim that there is only a singular, one-dimensional culture of a society? Like as this tweet states - "destroying" Hindu Culture - now lived experiences tell us that cultural expressions are multi-dimensional, and different for everybody. Of course, we have shared meanings and languages but when you bring in the individual expression in a culture, that's where diversity begins to come alive. For example, there are multiple ways to protest, or to celebrate the first of a child, or to express love within Pakistan - how limiting it is to say that there is only one way you can express your…

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