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Adopt an educator in exile!

In the case of forced displacements, one can not ignore the significant impact of a teacher's role amongst a myriad of other school factors. However, despite this crucial role, they remain largely neglected. It is high time we shift our focus to these champions, as an investment in the teachers of refugees would mean an investment in the futures of hundreds and thousands of children.

Sadly, humanitarian sector policymakers and practitioners have failed to align their words with their actions and uphold their commitments in extending sufficient support and recognition of refugee teachers in the past. This has translated into a lack of qualification, replacement by digital innovation and a lack of access to quality materials when it comes to education in conflict-stricken regions.

Therefore, when policymakers and practitioners fail to live up to their words, the private sector must step in to fill the gap. This is where 'Genashtim's' project "Adopt a refugee teacher" comes in and allows every individual to play their role in extending quality education through well-trained educators to conflict-stricken refugees. For US $38 a month, every individual can sustain and sponsor the education of 20 refugee children. What is most interesting about a project like this is that it empowers these refugees through their own people. These funds are channeled to qualified refugees who volunteer for the project. They set up schools or learning centres themselves with the help of other refugees who volunteer as staff. For the purpose of transparency, your adopted teacher provides you updates in real time, and also tutors your children one hour a day online. This not only extends employment opportunities to the volunteers but also becomes an avenue of quality education for the children.

As we sit and discuss the impact of conflict on education

, projects like these remind us that we have a role to play. It allows us to sit in the comforts of our homes and navigate traumatized children with the help of education to a place much brighter.

Amna Amer - 23110231

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