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All Izz Well ?

3 idiots portrays bonding of 3 misfits who realize how the journey they have chosen is not the one they wanted. Despite any issues and flaws the movie may contain the overall message it set outs for the audience is no doubt noteworthy. We see the role of parental and societal pressure impacting the children.

The essential message portrayed is to follow your passions in order to become successful and happy in life. Farhan’s father wants him to become an engineer regardless of what Farhan wants for himself. It is his friend Rancho (Amir Khan) who pushes him to confront his dad and tell him that he wants to be a wildlife photographer. Eventually, his father agrees and we see Farhan becomes a successful photographer. I feel like another important point to be discussed here is how Viru Sahastrabudhhe’s son committed suicide as he wanted him to become an engineer ignoring the fact that he wanted to do literature. The movie sets a precedent for the young students to not surrender their dreams and talk to their parents instead. It shows how to avoid pressure and not let it invade your path. 3 idiots also deals with the pressure of academic excellence and how there is no room for failure.

"Life is a race if you don’t run fast you will be like a broken andaa”.

Not only this but through this journey, the movie beautifully unveils a strong message about friendship. It highlights how valuable friendship can be especially when your friends push you to achieve higher and encourage you to follow your dreams.

All izz well!

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I’ll confess, 3 idiots was the first Indian movie I ever watched and I was definitely not disappointed!


This post was a lovely read, and the movie itself was beautiful. Its one of the few indian movies im always up for rewatching


I absolutely love that this film is a representation of the challenges and fears that every student can face during studies. Fear to be unsuccessful, fear to fail, fear to do anything what he/she want. The problems that this film had pointed out are quite relatable and based on reality.


A great read. This movie really touched me as well and is one of my favorites. The same theme that struck out to me as well was how in our society academic pressure can result in drastic and negative outcomes. Your take on this movie is amazing.

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