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And you thought you were aware.

Knowledge is power, they say. We are knowledgeable, the crowds scream. Where does it originate? Believe you me, it’s all a ploy. A click here and a click there, overstimulated, though ill-informed. It comes back to you, just as it does me. Stuck in these endless loops of consumption, we believe we are aware.

Sometimes intangible walls seem like a greater force - ones that confine the mind instead of the body. How did that saying go, “I think therefore I am?” or was it the other way around. If I am to be brutally honest, neither seem to be true. We seize to exist the moment we seize to think and do borrowed thoughts really count? I think not. Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom to conceive – it’s all a façade. Stuck in these intangible walls, we believe we are free.

How do you conceive danger? Does being in shackles count? What if I told you, you were stuck in an enclosed chamber. What if it was an echo chamber, would you conceive it as danger? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – they’re all the same. Creating these facades of freedom, they think they can fool us? Creating these loops of information, they think they can fool us? Making us believe we are autonomous; they think they can fool us?

But they are though.

Stuck in these echo chambers, we believe we are aware.

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