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Another day, another problematic song...

Released as one of the soundtracks of the movie Josh in 2000, the song “Apun Bola tu Meri Laila” portrays one of the biggest issues females around the world face: consent. The entire song is based on Shahrukh Khan flirting with a woman who is visibly uninterested in him. The line “hoton pe na, dil mein haan hoinga” translates to how what the woman says does not matter. This

The popularity of the song proves how the majority of the audience does not find it problematic, which is an accurate representation of the mindset of most men around us. Despite being two decades old, the song is still streamed by thousands of people around the world. Given the problematic lyrics of the song, it should have been removed from all major streaming platforms including Spotify. It promotes a culture in which consent is not important and no does not mean no. This song could result in increased harassment by justifying non consensual encounters since it highlights how the woman might be thinking along the same line as the actor despite saying no verbally. This provides people around us with reasons and encourages them to ignore the wishes of females and doubt their intentions.

Apun Bola Tu Meri Laila

Woh Boli Fekta Hai Saala

Apun Jabhi Sachi Bolta

Ay Usko Jhoot Kai Ko Lagta Hai

Yeh Uska Style Hoinga

Hoton Pein Naa Dil Mein Haan Hoinga


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