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Anti-Hero and Glorification of Weapons

The song "Anti-Hero” is an English song by the Japanese band “Sekai no owari”. The song is essentially an anti-establishment narrative, talking about rebelling against the norms.

In my opinion, it implies how people keep trying to pretend that weapons and heroes (or law-enforcing establishments) are being kept for good but the process is corrupting.

Relating this to the BLM movement, various people talked about how established institutions are either insufficient or more often corrupt i.e. police, FBI, etc. The song can be considered a critique of the corporate military complex being perpetuated globally through America’s policies. . Moreover, it also talks about how people are often made to glorify militarized heroes and presents a narrative of why a villain or ‘anti-hero’ goes against the institutions. In order to save those that matter, if a person goes against the rules and norms, they are labeled a villain, but is it truly all that different from heroes?

Additionally, the music video has amazing cinematography filled with various motifs. This song is the theme song created for the anime “Attack on Titan”. The song is not only a delight to listen to, but also has great lyricism and mind-blowing visuals.

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