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Are Pakistani authors running out of ideas?

Pakistani drama serials are being criticized for the same story line for over a while now. When it comes to the story or plot of a drama serial, people expect different ideas and genres. But what our local dramas are offering us right now is not a range full of different genres but the repeated storylines of "saas-bahu" and "bechari oppressed" women. In Pakistani dramas, women are shown either as evil characters trying to bring each other down and fight over the same man, or as poor souls who are being tortured by everyone but will not speak up as they are too naïve even to speak up. These repeated story lines raised the question of whether Pakistani authors are running out of ideas or is it a public demand. Creativity is never geographically restricted, so there must be writers in Pakistan who think outside the books or write amazing stories. Then why are only these two plots present in Pakistani dramas? There are amazing thriller authors in Pakistan like Omar Shahid Hamid and Khalid Muhammad, but we don't see their work in Pakistani cinemas or entertainment channels.

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