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Are women who provide sex for money the only ones who should be called a prostitute ?

*Disclaimer :- before you start reading this article it isn’t meant to target or trigger anyone , just a random brown girls thought *

Keeping religious point of views aside and not looking at it with a religious eye , one always wonders why are women who provide sex for money, the only ones called prostitutes? Why are they the ones who are always looked at unfavorably, avoided at large gatherings and scrutinized everywhere. However, In 2022 these women are not the only ones having sex with several people . Infact in the elite society, it has become a craving,an obsession and a game to have sex for pleasure with various men. The only difference between the prostitutes and them is that they donot do it for the sake of money but for the pleasure and thrill that comes alongside. If one looks into the elite schools and universities , both the girls and boys are making out and its not just with one person : sometimes their partners switch within weeks and sometimes they have flings with 2 or three people at the same time. Then if one looks into the elite married individuals, the newly found trend of wife hopping seems to be the new rage which infact means : that people swap their wives just to experience how it feels to have sex with a different person and all of this is consensual.

Isn’t this unethical , Are These people not worthy of being scrutinized and cast aside. But why do we normalize it for them, accept them in our society, but not the people who earn this as a living.

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