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Atif Aslam or the Pied Piper of Emotions?

I hope all of you Gen Z kids remember the story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin. The same guy who lured the rats and later the kids of Hamlin into a cave, never to be seen again by humanity, into a paradise-like land, just by the mesmerizing tune of his FLUTE.

The same guy has been reincarnated in the twenty-first century, with a melodious voice as his flute and dead-end, workaholic, anxiety-driven Gen Z kids as his rats and kids? With his mesmerizing voice, he can transcend his audience into a fourth dimension imagining themselves in the arms of their beloved or betrothed, being wakened up by the sudden reality that this is just a far-fetched dream.

is lyrics always force you to fantasize about yourself with the sweetheart of your dreams with songs like: “Tera Hone Laga Hoon” or “Me rang Sharbaton Ka Tu Meethe Ghatt ka Paani”


He can also take a cynical turn by forcing you to cut ties with your ex forever with words like:

“Aye Ajnabi Mujhe ab Toh milna Nahi Hoga Tujhse Kabhi.

Mera tujhse Dil Ko Lagana Ab Mumkin Nahi"

He can also help you get over your broken relationship and heal your heart by singing such MASTERPIECE lyrics:

Ho chaandni jab tak raat

Deta hai har koi saath

Tum magar andheron mein

Na chhodna mera haath

Everything sounds familiar, right? He is none other than the Pied Piper of Emotions A.K.A.


Who is gracing as Top Artist for my Spotify Wrapped!

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