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Awkurrrr Live shows

Being on national television carries being responsible fo representing the true image of the people, culture and country. Embracing the position of host also means to make the guests of the show comfortable and not try to ask them questions that will put them in an awkward or uncomfortable situation. Live show hosts sometimes go out of line and make things eerie between the guest and them. Take an example of “Ellen” one of the most popular American live tv shows ever with the. Host Ellen herself sometimes put her guest in an embarrassing position. From constantly making fun of Sofia Vergara’s english accent to plain out asking celebrities private details about their dating life, Ellen has done it all. Another popular show, The David Letterman show has repeated action of women harassment by constantly making mean jokes and passing comments or trying to touch guests without their consent particularly female.

An example in Pakistan can be founded on Nida Yasir’s morning show. Having the classic “puphoo” attitude while conducting interviews and making situation a lot more awkward is evident. Nida once called “Arshad chai wala” and kept speaking in English with him when it was quite evident the guest couldn’t comprehend what she was saying and was having a language barrier. The aforementioned events are just a glimpse into the bitter reality of live tv shows. I believe that guests should not be put into such situation and hosts should use their platform for a safe space and not just for brewing gossip and spicy news.

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