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Bad Romance by Humayun Babar

Whenever I think of the word cultural reset, Bad Romance by Lady Gaga comes into my mind. For this blogpost, I will specifically be talking about the music video rather than the lyrics and the song although they both very ingenuously serve the oddity of this music video. Not only her outlandish costumes in this video, but also her dance moves are very original and it must be kept in mind that although people nowadays are accustomed to weird music videos, back in 2009 when Lady Gaga released Bad Romance, it caught everybody’s attention, and even the people who hated it were intrigued by how unique it was.

The plot of the music video was also exceedingly odd due to how she ends up burning her abuser into flames. Because of how well this music video did and won 7 VMAs at the 2010 MTV VMAs, there was this new trend in the early 2010s where all the other pop stars like Katy Perry and Natalia Kills were trying to outdo each other in terms of weirdness, and it’s fair to say that this music video and the dresses Lady Gaga wore for its promotion impacted red carpet outfits for coming years.

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