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Banning culture in Pakistani Media

In Pakistani media, we have seen that the rules and policies are very important. The media check by the authorities is always there. It is also very important that the content which is presented on electronic and print media should be regulated to some extent so that nothing goes beyond the boundaries of ethics and morals. Recently, it is seen that PEMRA was taking actions against a lot of media content being immoral or against our religion. In 2021, a drama “Dil Na Umeed to Nahi” by TV One was stopped by PEMRA for showing content which is against our religious values. The drama was based on the bitter realities of our society which is child abuse, young age prostitution, and human trafficking's. This kind of content is made to create awareness about these issues. Our society is not providing awareness about these issues as according to them talking about such issues is against our moral and religious values. And the lack of awareness is the reason why such crimes are increasing at an alarming rate. This is the responsibility of the media to make content like this to play their crucial role to expose this side of our society. But unfortunately PEMRA on the other hand is questioning such content and it issued a notice for the channel to change some scenes and edit the content according to the PEMRA rules and regulations. This is a point to think about in the 21st century where our media authorities are going if they cannot air content about such social issues now, so when will they do.

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