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Bhaag Beanie Bhaag

I remember scrolling through Netflix with no hope of finding something interesting when suddenly a show revolving around stand-up comedy popped up. Given my strong sentiments towards stand-up comedy, I proceeded to watch the show and what I witnessed was nothing less than inspiring. The main character, Beanie, went against all odds and ended up succeeding when she decided to pursue what she was passionate about. Not only did the show present an extremely strong female character, but it reflected on the various problems that people within the Asian culture have to face and especially the problems a woman has to face in order to live her life her own way. The amount of subtle issues the show reflected on was indeed eye-opening and captured the shortcomings of our culture perfectly. From parental issues to facing work-place inappropriate behavior, they showed a diverse range of problems that actually exist within our culture. The show also shed light on how the public views stand-up comedy as a profession. While people enjoy it, they fail to respect those who are doing it and do not regard it as a proper profession. This further shows how our society needs to broaden their narrowed viewpoints and need to free themselves of the remnants of traditional thinking where only a handful of professions are considered ‘respectable’.

Moreover, Indian shows are often centered at the concept of marriage and for once, it was nice to see them broaden their portfolio by adding a sense of ambition into the main character. In addition to this, it was good to see that this show used a female stand-up comedian since the stand-up comedy field is dominated by men.

All in all, the show was a relatable one and focused on real-life problems that do exist within our society and simultaneously showed perseverance leads to success.

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I haven't watched the show yet cause mostly people had bad reviews about its plot and screen play but now I will for sure.


show was inspiring indeed.


Interesting, I’ll give it a go! I just wish Pakistani shows would broaden their spectrum a little bit too tho tbh ;(


I've been trying to find a good stand-up comedy since the past few days!! Will definitely watch this it sounds interesting


I enjoyed watching the show. The story has twists and the actors are vibrant. It has a great story about how a person feels pressured by society.

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