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Bicycle thieves 1948, (Italy)

This film, which tells the story of a father and son, depicted the post-World War II conditions in Italy. A emotional movie on social realities and how people strive to survive in a cruel world where nobody cares. The scene where several men are vying for a job is the most realistic. Because everyone is unemployed and living in substandard conditions, when the officer stated that Antonio Ricci( the leading character) had been hired, everyone rushed to obtain something from him. 

Child labor is a key theme in this movie as well. Very young children do performances like that for money, but Ricci's friend makes them feel ashamed. The son of Ricci had previously worked at a gas station.

The movie shows the brutal truth of the affluent and uneducated classes in a hotel, and Ricci's son feels very uncomfortable when he sees another young man enjoying a delicious meal.

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