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Biscuit Digest: Writing Our Own Narrative

"As Pakistani teens ourselves, we've noticed the lack of representation of the arts in our society. In order to counter the stigma, we felt the need to introduce a platform that showcases the creativity and talent our youth has to offer, thus the start of Biscuit Digest."

-Editor, Biscuit Digest, Issue 1: DREAMS

I've been following their work on Instagram for some time now and the final result exceeded all expectations! The first issue of this magazine features artwork, photography, poetry, articles and much more, which revolves around the central theme of 'Dreams' or 'Khwaab'. It also includes interviews of local artists who are gaining popularity amongst the youth: Misbah Uddin and Mahak Qayyum.

As the editor of Biscuit Digest mentioned, there is a stigma around arts in Pakistani society. It's not easy to find inspiration or discover new talent. One thing I love about this issue is the freedom they have given to their artists, most of whom are teenagers like us. They have all interpreted 'dreams' in their own way and this magazine helps them to carry their voices to the masses, allowing local artists to connect with each other and learn from one another. I also love how it features work in both English and Urdu, something not seen in most Pakistani magazines.

The magazine is unaplogetic in it's criticism of the lack of freedom and representation that other Pakistani mediums entail. I think it's really admirable and inspiring to see teenagers take such an initiative, rejecting mainstream media and taking the narrative into their own hands.

Give it a look and let me know what you think!

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Wow this is so cool! We really don’t have much collective representation of young Pakistani artists. Yes, one can individually follow them on Instagram, but it’s nice to see how we now have a place where artists can actively participate and form different narratives together.

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