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Brave- redefining princesses

The 1 hour 33 minutes movie, produced by Pixar animation in 2012, is based on the life of an atypical princess who does not wish to abide by the rules set out for her finds herself in a tricky situation- to live life for herself or her family?

Feisty, independent, strong, courageous, unfiltered…Merida is nowhere near your average princess. Her desire to practice archery and ride her horse angus in the highland was what she desired but her royal duties demanded a different Merida. Merdia not subscribing to societal norms in multiple ways is one of the movie’s ways of subverting stereotypes, so viewers are more open to diversity and women’s agency.

With her unkempt hair, frizzy and curly hair, Merida’s hair stands out from the meticulously brushed hair of other Disney princesses and defies preconceived notions of what makes a woman beautiful. One of her curls escapes as her mother's attempts to put it under a bonnet so she can appear proper in front of the clans; Merida cherishes the stubborn curl and pulls it out whenever it is tucked in. Merida's uncontrollable hair reflects her rebellion. Merida also does not have the "airbrushed" appearance of previous princesses and has freckles all over her face that she embraces.

Although she is still slim, she has more proportionate body features than previous princesses, including a slightly protruding tummy and larger hips, and she is not overly sexualized overall.

Merida lacks the delicately refined features that are typically associated with beauty and has a face that is notably rounder. Finally, despite the fact that Merida does wear a dress, she insists that it be loose-fitting for her comfort. She loathes the constricting ladylike attire that is more customary for a princess, and when she is made to wear it, she purposely tears it to give herself more freedom of movement to aim her bow and arrow. Merida appears more like a real young woman overall than a fantasy for men.

Although the movie has its weak points, it is still a great watch from the monotonous theme Disney princess stories and sets out a good example for children as it attempts to subvert stereotypes.

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