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Bright karain!

Pakistan is known for its banter, one event that is amongst the most trolled is when a video of Ayesha Sana asking her production team to brighten her display before she went on air. This occurred in 2015, however, the joke remains known to almost every youngster in the country to date. Even though there were some good jokes made on the internet in the context of this event, it is usually overlooked as to how problematic this entire drama was. It is a clear example of how beauty standards are practiced in the media of Pakistan. This also shows how there is a prevailing issue of glorifying white-skinned people over people of color. The hostess could clearly be seen being not okay with appearing a little dark to an extent that it was making her furious.

Now, one could also argue that this goes beyond the studio or the media industry, as society is more accepting of people who appear whiter. This is itself problematic as the industry and society have a pair relation, having an influence on one another. Having an edge of better influencing through using the vast viewership, this culture could be gradually brought to an end. Even though such measures have not yet been seen, it is easily possible- the industry could simply start off by employing people of color and not giving them complete makeovers.

It is high time now that people be comfortable in their own skin tone and appearance in general, not look down on themselves and be confident. As mentioned above this wave can be initiated through the media.

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