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Character development is Important !!!

The education system today focuses too much on grades and understanding written material than character development. In some schools, no attention is given to character development at all. Grades may help take you forward in life, they may help you get a good education a good job but they do not help in shaping your character.

Grades do not define how good or bad one is, they only serve to tell us how good an individual is at studying, with no emphasis on character development individuals are drifting from the moral values we seek to instil in them and some people may have a bad character but good grades.

With good character one can influence other people to also do good, people like to associate with good-natured people and it leaves a positive impression of the individual. One must never forget that one is human and should not cause harm to others. As seen from the photo above, even learned people can take part in cruel and destructive actions, and precursors for negative behaviour are present from a very young age .

Hence the education system should focus on making kids more human and better individuals because at the end of the day, people can forget your grades quite easily but a good impression lasts for a very long time and serves to enrich society with positivity. Thank you and have a nice day :)

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