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Churails! A web series

Like any other web series or dramas which are banned across Pakistan or is met with huge criticism just because they show women as a strong and an independent entity, Churails too received a similar response.

Churails was a web series which represented women in a very different manner which I believe wasn’t seen before in the Pakistani media. It was a story about four women coming together to help other women against their husbands who were cheating on them or for other reasons. It was entirely based on how women collectively worked together against the male dominated society.

It also showed another very important theme where young girls are emotionally blackmailed by their parents as well to get married at a very young age. This too is very common in our society and has been for a very long time. However, even if the media tries to pick up these sensitive topics and tries to raise awareness amongst the audience, it is met with high criticism and is often banned. This just shows how even if we try to take a step towards progress there’s always something letting it down.

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