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Churails: reclaiming witchiness & other swear words

Churails is a Zee-Tv show starring Sarwat Gilani, Nimra Bucha, etc., about four female leads who set up a detective scheme to expose lying and cheating husbands. The show handles themes like sexual assault, forced marriages, and ideas of 'sisterhood' as all the leads come from different socio-economic and religious backgrounds. While the representation within this show is significant to discuss, I would love to hear your thoughts on it e.g. like did the show handle class differences effectively? I wanted to focus on how Churails reclaims derogatory language aimed at women.

To talk about the show's title itself first, "Churail" has predominantly been used to refer to "Witches" as women who pose problems, act uncontrollably, and are sexually promiscuous. By actively making an effort to call the gang "Churails," they take back the power that men have associated with the word, making it their own without any shame. Additionally, a lot of the female leads frequently use swear words like "fuck," "shit" and "bitch" especially Jungu and Sara. This is not only empowering because women have been looked down upon for "profane" language and are considered to be "vulgar" and of "bad character" if they are to swear -- but also because most swear words, including those in Urdu and Punjabi have to do with sexualizing/targetting the female body.

Just think of all the swear words you know and you'll start to realize that most of them have to do with some connotations of womanhood/or of being a mother. Just an example:

"bitch", "cunt", "randi," "kutti," "uluki pati" "Bhen ke laude", "Madarchod," "Bhenchod" etc just to name a few.

These words are so normalized in our everyday language that we often do not think of the sexist connotations they imply. So, to leave this up to discussion, do you any similar resistance happening in other tv/movie shows? what other ways do you think the "churails" reclaim or defy femininity, and does the show play an apt role in presenting itself as a "feminist" show?

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