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Covid-19 in Conflict Zones: Visualizing the Risk to Education

There isn't much research done yet to analyze the impact of corona virus on education let alone education in already distressed war-struck regions. This presentation for the course Education and Conflict attempts to give some insights on what the present and future looks like for these conflict zones and their education system in particular.

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Lovely presentation! I feel that it is also important for us to acknowledge that individuals in conflict-ridden areas and "refugees" are often on borrowed time when it comes to attaining an education. They have to gain as much learning as possible to become independent enough to support and sustain themselves, their families and their communities, in the shortest amount of time possible. The impact of Covid in such areas is, therefore, far more detrimental than we can imagine. The disruption it has created may be taking away much of that precious time, to the extent then when things normalize, most of these students may not be able to return to school, due to the pressure of other responsibilities. Covid may…


Thank you, Zoya, for drawing our attention to the troubling intersection of pandemic and conflict and how these both unite to challenge education. As noted by Tobias Ide (2021), there are mixed results when studying whether COVID-19 produced a de-escalation of armed conflicts (The countries studied included Pakistan). However, one thing I took from his research article is that armed conflicts declined in four countries due to impeded logistics, barring access by default to some locations amid lockdowns and select regional sealing. However, in five countries conflict increased as the armed groups exploit weakened state capacity and the lack/dilution of international attention toward armed conflict. "This is a worrisome trend given the tremendous impacts of armed conflict on human security…


This is quite an interesting presentation. I have found myself thinking about the impact of COVID on education quite frequently especially since we have been and continue to be impacted by it also. We are amongst the very small percentage of privileged people whose education continued to carry on (to some extent) much smoothly relative to others. We had the proper infrastructures in place and yet despite all that the mental health issues that came up have been tremendous. To think that most people did not have access to internet or laptops etc. to continue their education safely is a great point of concern that is not being discusses as loudly as it should be.

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