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Critical Review for the Film ‘PK’

PK is a Bollywood movie filmed in 2014, with Aamir Khan as its lead role. PK movie rightfully captures the idea of the Earth from the outsider’s perspective, who was an alien and visits Earth just to explore its people and its cultures. As soon as the Alien (Aamir Khan) lands on Earth, he got robbed and lost the only possession that he had—his remote, which was required to get back to his planet. But the thing that he realized on landing on Earth was that its people are quite different from his planet.

Things that stood out for me in this movie:

It rightfully took into account the differences in Humans, and we Humans have created things just to be distinguished by each other, whether these are the religions that pray to different gods, in different times at different places, and in their very own different styles but their purpose is the same that is to believe in a supernatural power that there is somewhere one or multiple Gods who can solve our problems, or the languages that are normally quite different from each other in their vocabularies and their dialects but their purpose is also the same that is to communicate your message to the other or the materialist things like the clothes which have its main purpose to cover the Human body, but we use different brands, different colors and different styles to differentiate among ourselves, we created the idea of which kind of clothes the women should wear and which kind of clothes a man should wear, even the color associations. We have associated some colored clothes with some religious activities, like Muslim wear black at the funeral, Hindus wear white at a funeral, and Christian wear white at their weddings. Moreover, in a single language, some words have different meanings which deviate from the tone and pitch variation. Like the word “Acha” has different meanings with different tones, it can be used for affirmation, for asking a question, or even for mocking someone. The same goes with the word “Kia”. Even the concept of Money and Currency is Human made that is used to define who is rich and who is not, although it is printed on a piece of paper with the picture of the ruler of the country on it, different colored notes represent different currencies, while the picture of the same ruler on any other paper has no value at all.

Theme of the Movie:

The theme of the movie was that although we are the same to our cores, we all have the same features, two legs, two shoulders, one face, and one body, which we all possess along with some mental abilities which we all deviate from each other. But we have created all these man-made differences to keep us different from each other and based on these things we divided ourselves into races, ethnicities, and social and economic backgrounds. Furthermore, we humans are using these things to manipulate other human beings in the movie there was a character “Tapaswai Jee” who claimed to know the future of people and had the ability to change their future if they do what he ask them to do, and who according to himself is a dear man to God and can call the God directly, while at the ending of the movie we came to know that he was nothing more than a false claimer who is using this thing of people insecurities and people’s miseries to be a source of earning, he just spots people miseries and used to claim to have a solution to them, but in actual circumstances, he didn’t have an answer to them.

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