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Deeply Rooted Colored Bias in our media society

The hero of the drama Parizaad Ahmed Akbar. He is fair skinned man but he is seen donning a black face- which is painting your face entirely in black paint to completely change your appearance. Dark skin is a feature that can hardly be called scarce in Pakistan. And yet, the entertainment industry continues to churn out characters played by actors with purposefully darkened skin. One would also question how such open 'black facing' (or, more appropriately, 'brown facing') continues to be practiced in Pakistan in an era marked by a socio-political awakening in all sectors of life, with entertainment at the forefront.

The thing to think here is that at a time when fairness creams are being forced to re brand due to the harmful stereotypes they perpetuate, Akbar’s portrayal is irresponsible, to say the least, yet it is accepted, often with open arms by viewers.

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