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Dependent Women of Pakistan - by Syed Haris Ali

I feel immensely ashamed to be a part of society where being a female is same as someone with 100 owners. Since the birth the females are taught and raised as someone who is answerable to almost all the family members may it be uncles, cousins, brother and least the father. A society where the females are not allowed to play outside the home, not allowed to play sports that are associated with men, not allowed to wear clothes that they feel comfortable in, not allowed to study the field they love because they have to get married, not allowed to cough, sneeze, and burp properly because they are females.

I wonder what they are allowed to do. Most families in Pakistan are hesitant to invest in their education because most of them are busy in saving for their dowry. The same female child then is forced to be dependent on her husband for the rest of their life. I have saying some females that which house do we call our home? Our parents disown us after marriage and in our husband’s house, we are always threated to be kicked out. The dependent, uneducated, unskillful females are then abused at every step of their life because they were not allowed to be someone they wanted. Deprived of having the quality education and equal opportunities are then thrown away into the fire of marriage. The same culture is promoted in our drama serials.

Out of all the issues the issue of Mother-in-law and Daughter in law is deemed most important and is discussed in almost all the stories of dramas in Pakistan. The power to represent and highlight the actual issues are not given to all these females. Dramas such as “Humsafar”, “Daam”, “Roag”, “Bharas”, “Mera Maan Rakhna”.

Even the titles of these drams resonate the lesson and the typical story they entail.

We as a society need solution and move towards tapping on all these issues. The world is changing at an exponential rate and we are still living the 1800s era. Until and unless the issues are not highlighted by the media and power to represent is not given, we will face these issues more than ever.

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