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Depiction of Conflict Zones in Movies-The Yellow Filter in Extraction

The yellow filter is often used to show conflict zones, mostly in developing countries. The yellow filter has been spotted in various movies, and recently in a Chris Hemsworth film Extraction, which takes place in Bangladesh. The trailer depicts the high-octane methods used to film the movie. But the trailer alone had an unexpected consequence: Viewers quickly noticed that the movie's footage looked normal while the final cut of the film has a distinct, and off-putting, yellowish tint.

The yellow filter is problematic because it adds to the stereotypes about conflict zones and developing nations. The primary issue stems from the way a story is told and portrayed. When a cinematographer decides to use a yellow filter in scenes in Africa, Latin America, and South Asia, they intend to create a space that would make their intended viewers associate it with poverty, pre-modernity, lawlessness. Most often than not, Mexico is shown with a yellow filter in many movies, but one Google search is enough to tell us that it is indeed a beautiful place, and it is much more than its crime rate and poverty statistics.

Viewers worldwide are catching onto the yellow filter; many articles and social media statements show a dislike towards the "third world aesthetic." It is about time directors stop using the yellow filter to depict conflicts, war, and poverty.

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