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Do War games/Violent shows promote violence in Children?

Studies have shown that exposure to violent games and shows is one of the risk factors for violent behavior [1] . Some Governments have even started banning games like PUBG after parents complained that the Game is violent and has made mindset of children more aggressive. Few accidents were also recorded in Pakistan. Same incidents happened in India where children got addicted to the game, which affected them mentally.

Even though it all seems right to think, however there are numerous studies which show that there is no correlation between video games violence and real world violence. Some studies show that even though Video games increased in 1996 but crimes in children decreased. This is a debate that seems never ending, both sides do have arguments in their favor.

I believe that some of the games coming these days, have content that is harmful for health. Children get inspired by what they watch or other people do. If a children see something violent happening in its surrounding, it will pick something from it. Wrestling shows children watch makes them excited to try those things at home. Initially it just starts with a fun activity, but abusive language picked up by them later results in verbal violence and even physical violence.

Some shows that show violent content in their stories, attract students and they wish to try it in real life with people in their surrounding, their temperament sometimes gets affected which results in them getting angry and leads to violence either in home or society.

This is something which can be easily managed by Parents, video games or shows are not bad, shooting games are fine, but the content, context and language shown in it should be age restricted so negative things are not picked up by children and they enjoy the fun positive part


[1] “Does Exposure to Violent Movies or Video Games Make Kids More Aggressive?” Common Sense Media, Accessed 8 May 2021.

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Do you really think that content like that is more likely to affect younger children and not older individuals? I personally feel that it is possible that extended exposure at any age can make the age factor almost negligible... People at any age can become desensitized to the plight of victims of terrorist attacks if they are exposed to media minimizing them (such as through videogames), or they can pick up on abusive language at any age. So, then, do you think there should be a blanket restriction on content like this? Studies have shown even children aren't blank canvasses who blindly pick up on things, and maybe it depends on the circumstances of the audience instead. E.g someone more…


The debate surrounding violence and video games is contentious. I think rather than creating violence, such games desensitize children. For example, military training in the West employ video game-like simulations for drone operators. The targets are then reduced to mere images on a screen whereby the operators don't just learn to work the technology but rather become apathetic to their task. In this regard, desensitization can perhaps make it easier for someone to act upon an emotional trigger, not necessarily be the cause for the trigger itself.


Never really played video games but I've seen the way it impacts children, especially young boys, they start actively being more violent and aggressive in a way that it can be frightening because they stop flinching at actual violence. Even though I'm not entirely against video games i think there needs to be some sort of regulation or age limit at least


Eman Rashid
Eman Rashid
May 08, 2021

Watching my brother and cousins play games like Call of Duty or even Grand Theft Auto, I've always wondered whether these games were negatively affecting them. I think the biggest concern is that they make children desensitized to violence and crime- and this tendency could be increasing as games continue to get more and more realistic.


We often blame video games for some of the violence in our world and while it is true that the top most popular video games right now are all shooter games. One of the main arguments people make against video games is that they prime kids to be violent. Priming is a non-conscious form of memory where one stimulus influences the response to a subsequent stimulus. For example, if I said the word yellow then asked you to name a fruit you would most likely say banana. This led to a study in which researchers had participants play one of two games. One game where they were in a car avoiding collisions. Another where they were just a mouse avoiding…

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