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"Don't get too big, Gurl" 🙃

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I don't know how to articulate what this thread means, and how perfectly it encapsulates my thoughts. I guess that's what happens when people start talking about real, lived experiences. It is true that social media is also responsible for a lot curated and fake content, that fosters unrealistic standards of beauty, eating habits, fitness levels, for both men and women equally. But, I would like to speak to the good side of social media, where people are actively trying to break through the stereotypes.

It is an unbearable pain to have your worst fears celebrated by people, as if that is your achievement, without a thin body, you're not worthy. Of course, even with thin bodies, people are quick to criticise and troll it. Honestly, there is no end to how society can make feel unworthy, excluded. This results in lasting mental health problems, and we need to actively resist against such narratives.

I have to remind myself to not succumb to what people have determined as an ideal.

All bodies deserve freedom of expression, no matter the size or shape.

If it speaks to you, do let me know!

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