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Dunk: A Mystery of Harassment

Dunk is a Pakistani drama serial, it deals with the false allegations of harassment. Professor Humayun played by Nauman Ejaz was accused of harassment by his female student Amal (Sana Javed).Amal fiance and cousins Haider(Bilal Abbas) stands by her side and ask her to seek justice. Protests ensue all over the campus while media got involved and asked for professor’s dismissal. Professor Humayun denies all the allegation’s. The life of Humayun became miserable due to harassment allegations.

After Professor’s death Haider came to know about the truth that Amal made fake allegations of sexual harassment . He refused to marry her but kept her secret to maintain the overall dignity of the family. After that Amal got married to Safeer (brother of Haider) and got everyone by her side. She later, accused Haider of attempting to rape her. This time she again won the favour of a lot of people just because she was a woman and everyone believed her and accused haider but haider's mother and wife Minal supported him and later the wife of Professor hamuyon also supported him

Haider files a case. Hader’s lawyer proves in front of the court lies spoken by Amal with solid proof and evidence.

Many believed it was an attempt to undermine the #MeToo movement’s campaign against breaking the silence about sexual harassment but the story makers was clear that it was based on true incidents.

Critically, there was no need to tell a story regarding fake harassment because it could shed doubt on the claims of victims of actual harassment. But if we look outside the window some people are at the edge of their career and life because they are falsely accused. Speaking for their rights does not mean that we are denying the fact that 95 percent of the filed cases are true but what about those 5 per cent of people who suffer because of male misogynists or other reasons.

Have you watched Dunk(Sting) drama? What are your thoughts on it?

Here is the link for this drama

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We already live in a toxic society with questionable morals. Showing such drama might give people more ideas.

True, both genders suffer from sexual harassment. Agreed that both genders are falsely accused of sexual harassment, but there is a difference.

Very few men are harassed in general, and very few false allegations are being made.

Women, on the other hand, face harassment so frequently that if feels like a part of routine.


Thank you for this brave share! It is pretty unfortunate and regressive how, instead of creating more TV shows showcasing female solidarity and feminism, our media industry dedicates its resources, time and energy to futile dramas like these which only send mixed signals and outstrip the Metoo movement. ARY has been showing these problematic TV shows since years and it perturbs me how PEMRA permits them under the guise of "all art is valid".


Thank you for writing this blog. I remember when I was back at home and I was sitting with my mother while she was watching this drama so I started watching it with her. During the first few episodes when showed how a girl had been sexually harassed in her university and I thought to myself that its good that they are highlighting an important issue which does exist in our society. However, after a few episodes, it took a turn and it turned out to be a show about false allegations. The question occurs, why do they have to ruin all these shows by bringing in these toxicity into their dramas? Why do they always have to portray the…


First of all, I would like to say that you have done a good job with this blog. When I watched this drama, the first thought that came to mind was that society is already filled with misogynist behavior and always favors the male side. Once more, they are displaying something inappropriate. Additionally, I concur with you that it weakens the MeToo movement. When women come out with their tales and accusations, they are rarely believed. The number of people who take the drama's words and depictions as fact is unsettling to consider. As readers, it can cause many of us to have misconceptions that lessen the seriousness of the harassment problem, as well as situations like this and the…


I appreciate your blog,

But that is the reason I dislike Pakistani dramas and find their toxic themes intolerable. According to a commenter on your blog, women are already not often trusted. I want to add that you don't think that this form of media is making things worse by portraying the woman's character in such a negative light that she is acting out in the drama just for the purpose of winning over the audience's sympathies. And the heroine's character is so contradictory that it's difficult to comprehend the truth (I didn't watch the drama; the trailer was enough for me, Haha).

And yes, the key issue is that what about the remaining 5%, they equally bearing the responsibility.…

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