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Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.

DUST is a YouTube channel featuring sci-fi oriented fare of all sorts. It is a multi-platform for binge watchable sci-fi. DUST features science fiction short films and other content from emerging filmmakers with stunning visual effects, captivating plots, and complex character explorations. Robots, aliens, technology, and human experience are all a part of DUST.

"It presents thought provoking science fiction content, exploring the future of humanity through the lens of science and technology."

One of the episodes I watched was "A Date in 2025." It shows a young man's AI called Counsellor who constantly tells him that either he goes on a real date with Amber or faces a certain suicide from loneliness. It is a comedy sci-fi with a very powerful message: that in a world that continues to substitute real interaction with technological ones, we must work hard to maintain real human contact.

This reality stuck with me. We call staying in laziness instead of actually acknowledging the fact that we would rather stay curled up in bed and continue to scroll our Instagram feeds or binge-watch series on Netflix. Which means using technology in one way or the other. No matter how bored or lonely we get it is always there with us.

The most compelling storytelling in Sci-Fi is the kind that comes dangerously close to reality. Each of us has a different way of interpreting the media we consume on a daily basis and based on personal experiences we choose to focus on different aspects of the same media to focus our attention on. Our increasing reliance on social media is getting scarier and more intense with every passing day.

~Mariam Khalid.

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I’m a huge Sci-Fi nerd! And yes you’re absolutely right, nothing hits you harder than Sci-Fi that hits too close to home. Sends chills right through you...

Mi piace

Woah this sounds so interesting! Thank you for the recommendation definitely gonna check it

Mi piace

i will definitely watch this channel tomorrow!

Mi piace
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