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Education: A Tool for Creation or Destruction?

Education is understood to be one of the most powerful tools for development in society. While education, when used positively, can result in great leaps toward development, however, it can have a dark side to it when used for malicious aims, often resulting in horrible consequences.

Education during conflict is especially important as it can be the tool driving change. Whether that change is one towards peacebuilding or one that furthers conflict is dependent on the kind of education.

There goes a saying, “If you want to destroy the future of any nation, no need to wage war with them; defunct their education, they will remain no more live on the map of the world.

Quality education provides people with information and skills, as well as, aids in the development of positive values, ideals, and morals. Additionally, it is essential for advancing political, cultural, religious, social, and economic growth. A nation's capacity to maintain this process is essential to its growth, economic success, and citizens well-being.

Education also serves as a tool for socialization and identity development in conflict-affected areas. As a result, while education may contribute to conflict, it may also help in peacebuilding. Therefore, it is important to understand the significance of quality education and prioritize it, especially in situations of conflict. If we want to work towards establishing peace and giving aid to people affected by conflict, we need to prioritize quality education. Education often makes or breaks a nation.

Iqra Pervez


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