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Education and racism in Pakistan

When I was in grade 9, I got myself admitted to tuition to get good grades. There was an Urdu teacher who used to call students based on their skin tone. After numerous complaints, he was dismissed from the tuition. But here is a question. Why are people so concerned about skin colors? I think that in their early years of education, teachers or parents do not teach children much about the problems of color and the movements which are going on around to end racism. In this way, when these students become teachers themselves, they themselves do not know much about this issue, and in this way, they are on their way to do the same to their students.

To end such racial acts in schools and in general, there must be student counseling sessions in schools where students are taught about movements going on about ending racism. Moreover, teachers should go through rigorous training where they are taught about these issues, and then in return, they can convey these issues and their solutions to the students. One of the major forms of bullying in schools is racism. Students bully each other on the basis of race, and I believe that better teacher training and student counseling can help to put an end to racism.

Racism is a pandemic, and it should be eradicated as soon as possible.

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