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Education Is Under Fire In Afghanistan

Threats and attacks against students and education personnel have increased lately, particularly in areas of the country controlled by non-state armed groups. The senseless attacks on schools and the killing, injury, and abduction of teachers, and the threats against education are destroying the hopes and dreams of an entire generation of children. GCPEA collected reports of over 300 attacks on schools between 2017 and 2019. On May 8, 2021, a car bomb attack in front of the Sayed Al-Shahada girls’ school in the Dasht-e-Barchi district of Kabul left 85 dead and 147 deadly injured schoolgirls. In a country where less than 30 per cent of women can read, these girls bring hope for a brighter future, making their senseless killing so particularly devastating. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) promoted equal access to education, teaching us that, “The pursuit of knowledge is a duty of every Muslim, man and women.”

What we can do is that to support organizations that provide educational and other development and humanitarian programs for women in Afghanistan and also share this information with your friend and family.

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A bad peace is better than war. Even though the previous track record of the Taliban is not that good but I think now the Taliban have realized that if they want to survive they have to develop relations with the international community. That's why they have allowed the girls' education and urged the females to participate in different working fields. The way the Taliban Provided security to the Shia Community during Ashura is a sign of hope. But it is too early to reach any conclusion and let's see how things unfold.

Me gusta

I wonder what Afghanistan ever did to pay such a heavy cost. From the Soviets to the Talibans to the US and now back in the hands of these extremist militants. Education was never really treated as basic right for the people who own the land. As long as Afghans don't get to make their own decisions, I don't see the situation getting any better. But I hope the world will do their most to help the helpess in such grave times.

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I see no hope that Afghanistan's government will do anything in the near future to recover the process of education. And since the US army has left, Afghanistan has become a battlefield again where the same trend will be again followed that is, food, shelter and health will be prioritized, and education will become the last priority.

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Sadly, this is what happens when a region is left at the mercy of some extremist/terrorist organizations.

And it is extremely saddening that the first target of every extremist/terrorist organization is at girls' education.

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I believe that Afghanistan under the US army was better as compared to Afghanisatan under the taliban, because the taliban have again started attacks on bigger scale and have taken control over cities again. So, I think that as long as Afghanistan is under the taliban rule, education might remain under fire in Afghanistan.

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