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Education NOT a luxury in Conflict zones: Palestine Case study

By Hassaan Ahmed

The politically biased nature of the resolution of conflicts today is affecting the futures of entire generations of children. Without access to good quality education, a generation of children living in conflict zones will grow up without the skills they need to contribute to their countries and economies effectively. UNICEF no doubt has produced efforts for the cause, but the political effectiveness of the issue in question- Palestine, Gaza Strip- is causing the nature of support to be biased due to international political businesses.

A child's right to education cannot be safeguarded in conflict zones without education itself being protected. Out of school, children are easy targets of abuse, exploitation, and recruitment by armed forces and groups. Schools should provide a safe space where children can be protected from threats and crises. Education around the globe is being treated as a luxury in conflict zones. However, evidence strongly suggests that for the growth of peace mindset and informed citizens education should be a fundamental priority in conflict zones. But as seen in the Gaza bombing, the politicalness of the issue indicates that education itself is under attack. Only right efforts in the right direction, cosmopolitan public spirit and, international public policy will achieve UNICEF's goals!

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