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Education Perpetuating Conflict

It is surprising how education - something so sacred, can sometimes be weaponized and tainted with ulterior motives. For most people, education is worship, freedom, and at times a sanctuary. The idea of people using something so pure to eventually spew hate infuriates me. I cannot help but ponder over how powerful a tool this is. If it is used the right way, it could solve so many of our problems, and when used the wrong way, the results are cataclysmic. The swat conflict is a very prominent example of how education can be used to serve political motives and lead to catastrophic results. The potential of education scares me; just like technology, it is a dual-edged sword; it could lead you either way. I used to think that this country would be able to do better through education, but these extremists have made their way here and polluted this too. Young, innocent minds that could’ve evolved into brilliant scientists, amazing artists, or extraordinary academics are manipulated to serve their extremist ideologies and perpetuate conflicts. It breaks my heart to see that the very tool that could’ve eventually helped this country come out of darkness is being used to take it deeper into it.

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