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When I started watching this show, I was actually really excited. However, the moment I read the plot, I knew how predictable this show was going to be. An average American girl (Emily) gets a job in a fashion firm based in Paris. I would be lying if I said they didn't try their best to be extra in everything, the European culture, food, accent, and clothes. Everything was on point when it came to the representation of how europe really looks like.

Another thing I absolutely loved was how they portrayed high end fashion, the designers, the high tag prices. Furthermore, the accurate representation of how people in france hate to speak English. Emily does not speak french and everyone calls her out for it, they said it's "disrespectful" that she can't speak French in france, the cultural battle of english vs french was shown accurately.

We also need to be cognizant of the fact that this show had a female lead, sure it was a white, thin, "beautiful" woman but a woman regardless!

The major takeaway: this show was highly predictable, had various uncalled scenes involving romance but is a fun light hearted comedy show to watch when you're in quarantine!

Author: Mehvish Munir, 23020487.

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I absolutely loved this show! Honestly, I have always had a keen interest in marketing and it was so refreshing to see a show solely based on a woman pursuing her career in marketing. The show even gave me a few marketing ideas I ended up implementing. However, I cannot remember procrastinating this much in life. Honestly, I couldn't stop imaging myself pursuing a similar career somewhere in Europe within the next five years😂.


Loved watching this show. Yes, it is very predictable. It also reinforces and solidifies some stereotypes about people of France, and it lacks a solid plot. However, I love the characters. The overall character development makes the show interesting. I love how Emily is determined to earn her place in her new workplace. Overall, the show is very entertaining.


Mehvish, the predictable nature of the show cannot be argued. The whole time i was watching the show, i was playing "will i guess what will happen next correctly" and every time i won. But, i would say despite the million flaws in this show, I loved Chloe's character, Gabriel and somewhat of Lily collin's annoying character.

@23020196, u are right the plot really was Gabriel. He made the show with his presence!

Also, can I just say that the wardrobe choice of Emily's character was a bit too try-hard? I much rather liked Chloe's understated but well-put-together outfits.


Momina Moazam
Momina Moazam
Nov 20, 2020

I absolutely agree with you, loved the show but it was very cheesy tbh. I do have to say that I absolutely hate the fact that Camille and and Emily are pitted against (sorta) over Gabriel. I'm hoping that this is the bit where the show diverges from it's predictability. Also to whoever posted the comment above mine, loved the memes!!


@23020196 HAHAHAHAHA THIS SO FUNNY!! and yess, I acknowledge the flaws and the fact that it was indeed a lot of fun to watch this show!

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