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'English' a language or a 'Need'?

Language discrimination also called 'linguicism' has been a concern for millions over the past years. Pakistan is facing more of it in the shape of "English" as a built stereotype that shows superiority. The reason so far seemed to be British colonization 70 years ago or an increasing social acceptance trend. Westernization due to increasing globalization has played a vital role that even the Urdu spoken in the country is seems to be more fascinating by adding English words. People shy away from speaking their native language setting patterns and mindsets for giving one language superiority over the other. This needs revolution so one can thoroughly follow the custom and roots of the nation.

Thus, giving the national identity. There are many countries in the world that feel pride in speaking what their ancestors offer them, Italians speak Italian, Greece speak Greek, French speak French, Germans speak German and they never shy away from speaking it. Even the reasons like "globalization" prove excuses as one of the advanced economies-China speaks Chinese. "In fact, when the Chinese Olympics were held in 2008, the Chinese government actually had to ask its Chinese public to learn a few basic English words to help welcome the world". These people feel pride in representing what they acquire and value the sense of customs. This is what makes them different from others. Beauty lies in different cultures and language is part of the culture. I wonder why some south Asian countries are still suffering from such complexes? Why can't they pursue their own culture? why can't we confine 'English' to a language as there are so many others in the world instead of a 'basic need'?

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