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English language dominating our education system

The movie “Hindi Medium” is just another example of how our education system is flawed to a great extent. Throughout the movie we see that the parents especially the mother is highly concerned about getting her daughter into a top school which predominantly falls into a category of an English speaking modern school.

This sheds light upon a very important component of our society of how the English language dominates our education system and it holds true for a Pakistani society as well, despite Urdu being our national language. This then becomes a hinderance in learning for the children that belong to a rural background where they haven’t been taught the English language in a similar manner and as a consequence they face trouble getting into such schools.

Moreover, it also shows how knowing this language is associated with one being “High class” as mentioned by Irfan Khan. This highlights how our society has created a mindset where fluent English speakers are considered the more “educated” and “high class” people and hence the opportunities that are provided also differ. All of this is the creation of our society and it has nothing to do with one’s own potential or skill but the dominance of knowing the English language.

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