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Enola Holmes: The female detective we needed!

Enola Holmes is a story like no other! We all know who Sherlock Holmes is and so creating a story by not making him the lead but making his sister the lead was nothing short of revolutionary for crime- detective shows. We rarely saw women in lead detective roles in many shows and also in some where they were overshadowed by the male leads. But this didn't happen in Enola Holmes. The girl on the quest to find her mother realizes how good of a detective she can become, making her own identity.

The thing that I loved the most was how much focus was put on Enola being her won person and how much she wanted to have an identity other than being the sister of the greatest 'male' detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes. We need to realize the era the movies are based in never had female strong detectives so Enola taking up this challenge was huge in itself. Throughout the movies, we also see how people still don't believe in her capabilities, but she manages to make a name for herself giving hope to all the young female audience that they also can be themselves.

Another important thing shown is how Enola's mother always taught her to be different. Different in her appearance, she wanted Enola to know about science and study and read, all of those things that were seen as something only men could do at that time. Enola broke that stereotype and did all those things that she felt like doing. I particularly like this line from the movie:

"The Choice Is Always Yours. Whatever Society May Claim, It Can't Control You"

The producers of the movies are all females which also obviously has an impact on the storyline, and they made sure to show women as intelligent and smart. In the second movie, the main villain is a female, but she is not frowned upon rather she is shown as this strong and intelligent woman who managed to make such an elaborate plan. This is important because at that time women were not even seen as capable of creating conspiracies and they were just seen as shadow of these men. The movies are a must watch especially for the young audience who can get an idea that everybody should follow their passion regardless of their gender!

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