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Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives: 8 comments on 8 episodes!

When Karan johar said "Why should I watch a show about four unemployed women?", I felt that. And not just me, the entire world felt that. Well, 10 minutes into the show, my perspective had changed and following are a few comments:

1. When we think about the wives of bollywood I think the first person to pop up in our head should always be Gauri khan however she isn't one of the 4 main wives and even then, the show is a success!

2. It almost felt like the show is a Desi version of keeping up with the kardashians, and also the four wives chosen were fairly unpredictable. Wives of Sohail khan, chunkey pandey, Samir, and Sanjay Kapoor. Who even remembers them now?

3. The show is nothing but a reveal and sneak peek into the lives of rich people; the first problem as soon as the lockdown happens is "where will I get my nails done from?"

4. I also saw that no matter how successful these women are, they did say that nothing matters to them more than their own children. I think this has a lot to do with their indian upbringing which necessarily isn't bad but women can do so much if family isn't a barrier in their head.

5. These women were not unemployed but had huge businesses (funded by their husbands maybe) but it was great to see that they put their talents into actual businesses.

6. The all girls trip to Doha gave me hope about my late 40s too, they enjoyed like they were in their 20s and didn't let their age become a factor in having "fun".

7. The constant jokes and simultaneous real talk sessions made the show look very real, these women were in close touch with reality and were not scared to address it.

8. This show made me realized that actresses like Neelum who peaked in the 80s/90s need to make a comeback

, when men don't think about "what people will say", why should women? Really glad to see she's made a decision to come back to B-town!!

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The Fabulous lives of Bollywood wives is a fabulous display of privilege, wealth, and entitlement. While this show is criticized for being an Indian version of the show "Keeping up with the Kardashians", I believe that this critique is not entirely true. I love how the show brings together four different personalities. Surprisingly, the themes of friendship, family, and friendship make this show relatable. I agree that the show has some bizarre moments such as Maheep's use of binoculars to spy on her neighbors, but it shows how women at every age, in every position, and at every level have problems. I also love the Doha episode. It shows that women can have fun at any age!


Eman Rashid
Eman Rashid
09 déc. 2020

i was uncertain about starting this show but after reading this post i can’t wait to binge watch it!!


Guilting of staying up till 8am and binge-watching this show in one night! At first, I thought it was really overly dramatic with almost a wannabe Keeping Up With The Kardashians/ Real Housewives vibe to it, but I loved the Doha episodes and how it brought everyone together. However, it was kinda sad to see how these friends who had claimed to have done everything together for the past 25 years barely knew anything personal about each other though such as how the Doha trip was the first time that Maneep and Neelum had a proper heart to heart. That kinda made me realize how artificial the television industry can be with highest priority being to just glam up, look…


Momina Moazam
Momina Moazam
07 déc. 2020

I loved the show and I'm not even the tiniest bit embarrassed to admit it, it had just the right amount of mindless fun and drama for these crazy times. As for these women being unknown and wives of subpar actors, I'm highly convinced that they had their own motives to do the show. Like Maheep wants to generate buzz for Shanaya's debut and Sanjay's comeback, Bhavna wants positive publicity for Ananya post the "Beyonce sharma jayegi" scandal, while Seema wants to expand her brand and Neelum wants to make sure that her coming back to Bollywood doesn't get unnoticed.


@Alina Z. Observation well made! Totally agree that the show has indeed changed perspectives!

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