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Falling for you- Jaden

Jaden Smith has been known as Will Smith’s son, Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, and the guy who wanted to talk about the “political and economic state of the world” but nobody recognizes him for the toxic singer that he may be.

Jaden released a song called “Falling for you” on his album CTV3: Cool Tape Vol.3. On this song he quoted the lyrics:

“I think I'm falling for you (Falling for you)

I think I'm falling for you (Falling for you)

If you don't call me, I'll jump off the roof (Don't let me down)

If you don't call me, I'll jump off the roof (Hey, I'm 'bout to lose it)”

These lyrics are extremely toxic and problematic because they romanticize suicide and self-harm. When people especially teenagers listen to such songs, they adopt these notions from the music that they are consuming. Most young adult relationships become emotionally abusive and partners threaten to hurt themselves if their significant other is about to leave them. They do this to make sure that the other person stays with them and takes advantage of their vulnerability. This song promotes similar sentiments in teens and even adults. It’s very toxic of Jaden to write such lyrics because even if he didn’t mean it, he glorified emotional abuse and might encourage others to behave this way. This is why songwriters such as him should be more careful with the content they put out there and be mindful of their audiences when releasing songs.

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