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Female Education in Afghanistan in the Eye of the Storm

As the US prepares to pull out its forces out of Afghanistan by Sept 11, the law and order situation in Afghanistan keeps on deteriorating. Yesterday a blast near secondary school in Afghanistan capital, Kabul, in a predominantly Shia neighborhood , claimed the lives of least 30 people . Most of those wounded were girls. According to a witness " a woman kept on checking the bodies in search of her daughter, and upon finding her daughter's bloodstained purse, she fainted and fell to the ground"

As the date for US withdrawal approaches, many in Afghanistan are apprehensive that the gains made in female education in Afghanistan will be reversed. Unfortunately the Afghan Peace talks between the Taliban and US remain suspended, however it is intrinsic that at its resumption , the safeguard of female education be high on the agenda if not first . It is intrinsic that Pakistan also play a key role, and use its influence to safeguard female education in Afghanistan.

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