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Fleabag: cheekiness, charm and charisma- Aiman Rahman

Starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fleabag is a coy production that illustrates the eventful life of a cynical young woman. As she traverses the wobbly avenues of love, grief and loss, we are showcased how the past and present often interlace at times and that, sometimes, the only coping mechanism that wards off pain is a pinch of delicious dark humor. Our protagonist is ruthless with her snarky comments, her comically timed observations, her relentlessly apt critique of society, and her tendency to break the fourth wall. If one studies the trajectory of the TV show carefully, it comes to light how each character is specifically curated to bring out a certain aspect of the protagonist's personality. Whereas the sister and the hot priest symbolize her perennial capacity to love, the brother-in-law epitomizes her sassy, unyielding side. On the other hand, the best friend's character highlights her tendency to linger in the past. The father's character depicts how she finds comfort in her roots despite being jaded of their utility in the modern age.

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