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From geek to chic: Movie makeovers

A popular movie trope we see and (sometimes) love in every movie is a makeover montage. Remove your glasses, straighten your hair, change your clothes, and voila! our main character is now attractive. Her personality has changed- she's loved by everyone and her life has completely transformed. These "ugly duckling" transformations can be found in popular movies like My Fair Lady, The Princess Diaries, or Miss Congeniality where these "ugly ducklings" need to change the way they dress, wear makeup, and look conventionally attractive to ever be worthy of being the protagonist of the movie. Ordinary or oftentimes attractive women are made to look "ugly" through costumes and cosmetics and then "fixed" to reinforce the strict ideals of beauty. All very superficial stuff. That being said, makeover montages provide a sense of fantasy to the viewer. A quick fix that gives a sense of reverie. There is a love-hate relationship when it comes to makeover montages and I personally cannot decide whether it's fun or slightly problematic. What's your opinion on it?

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