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What I Learnt Through Watching Pakistani Dramas Over Time...

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

A chunk of what I learnt through watching Pakistani dramas over time...

Couple: Has sons

Society: MASHAALLAH MASHALLAH MASHAALLAH (insert eye heart emojis)

Couple: has daughters

Society: InshaAllah Allah beta bhi dega/ Allah qismat achi karay (translates to= may they get married in good households)

Girl: Has an opinion

Society: achi larkiyan bolti nahi, tum se shaadi kon karay ga?

Boy: Is rich and marries a secretary from office

Society: Larki challaak hai issi nai phasaya hoga

Girl: Earns 1 lakh rupees

Society: Either - Yass slay queen

Or - shaadi ke baad ghar bethayyiye

Boy: Earns 1 lakh rupees

Rishta aunty: Aap ke betay ki salary boht kam hai acha rishta nai aae ga

Girl: Is dark skinned

Society: fair and lovely zindabad, warna rishta kaisay aae ga?

Girl: Goes to a well reputed university

Society: Larkiyon ko parhaanay likhanay mai kya rakha hai

Mother-in-law: Exists

Society: The greatest evil, villainy to the core

Boy: Likes a girl

Society: Iss ki shaadi ki umar hai get him married to the girl he likes

Girl: Likes a boy

Society: Kharaab larki

Girl: Shows the slightest signs of resisting oppressive traditions

Khandaan: Log kya kahain ge

Husband: Is abusive

Wife: Bechari through and through, takes no action

Ghunda boy: Likes a girl

Girl: Meray maa baap nahi maanain ge

Ghunda boy: Kidnaps her

Wife: Stays out one night

Husband: Her honour has been taken, cannot trust her anymore

Husband: Is abusive

Wife: Either- dies

Or - prays 24/7

Husband: Changes into a good man overnight

Wife: Has produced daughters only

Husband: Remarries just to have sons

Husband: Has a female colleague/childhood friend

Wife: Is that a home-breaker I smell?

Pakistani drama: Exists

The theme of marriage: Any conversation is incomplete without me *evil laughter*

Disclaimer: The above rant/dialogues/observation list is not exhaustive

Disclaimer part 2: This is not to say that all dramas are like this, neither that there aren't amazing Pakistani dramas.

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