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Gangubai Kathiawadi_Representation of Women (Strong Women)

We can say that media is a platform that exposes us about any topics. Like this movie. I believe that Gangubai's highly contentious and the closing monologue serves as a synopsis of the entire film. " Why are we so evil, she said, when your guys are coming to us". I think that this is the best description of our society is one where we do support the majority, not the right.

Another factor that comes to mind is that the system in which prostitutes work is necessary in order to prevent an increase in rape cases, but despite this, we still reject people who live in such a way and do not want to portray queer people as a distinct group in our society, as is done in the movie when the staff refuse to let their children attend school. further the women of that area claimed that these ladies are ruining society through their business and that they are the trash of society, we need to accept them as human beings and give them the rights they deserve.

Here, we may also discover the idea of a "strong woman," who differentiates from Wonder Woman and any other character we might base our description of a strong woman on. I believe that this movie has the power to completely alter someone's perception of its strength. How she defends her rights and makes her voice heard.

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