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Gianni Versace more than just a dress maker (Versace Fall 1991 Fashion analysis)

Gianni Versace is one of the most iconic fashion designers of all time and the founder of Versace an international fashion house. The garment pieces he made are considered fashion royalty not just because of the techniques and fabrics that he used but because of the message he gave and the historical references that he made through them. His fashion house’s vision was all about making empowering clothing that embraces women’s sexuality. He was also one of the early few Italian designers who did couture and one of Versace’s most iconic collection is the 1991 fall collection. In his book signature Gianni says that one of the first fashion memories he had was of a little black velvet dress which could be the reason that the first dress that was displayed on runway was also a black cocktail dress with the iconic golden belt. The first half of the collection was actually haute couture with black suites being followed by colorful dresses as was the Versace style. Followed by Kimono suits with black PVC boots; he only used the selvyt of a traditional dress and not the print or fabric itself to make it more Versace and also to avoid cultural appropriation. He was also one of the first people who said Japanese designers should be accepted by fashion prior to Japanese designers Rai Kawakubo and Yohji Yamomoto. There also a few silk dress looks that were printed with Roman Catholic figures and worn with thigh high PVG boots which were at the time infamously called hooker boots so by mixing a religious print with them provided a symbolism that religion and sexuality are not two different things; as he himself came out in the 90’s so sexuality and judgement revolving around it was one of the topics that really hit home for him. One black leather bomber jacket worn by super model Linda Evangelista had a stone version of a reverend image of Virgin Marry and the baby Jesus on its back here again by combining a clothing item considered to be rebellious with a religious element he gives the same message about a person’s choice when it comes to religion and that people can be multi-dimensional. The finale dress was worn by Linda Evangelista it was completely adorned with crystals with a guitar giving the illusion of a strap and was the epitome of color blocking. It also had an image of Salome a play that is about the beheading of Jhon the Baptist the dress represented both the good side and the dark side of life and in my biased opinion is his best piece.

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